I Can Do Livestream Me



Hey guys! I am bored of studying (for the moment) and have decided I want a break. But I also felt I should do something for the wonderful MMGaming. The resulting combination is me playing League of Legends ranked solo queue, straight to your monitors.

Enjoy the embedded video below!

EDIT: After a 2 loss streak, hungry and tired, I crawl back to my cave.

Watch live streaming video from mmgaming at livestream.com

6 thoughts on “I Can Do Livestream Me

      1. I played some DotA back in the day… but honestly, nowadays I’m going to only really invest in one game of this type and LoL has been that game for much longer than DOTA2 has been around. 😉 Plus, I like the graphical style of LoL more than I do DotA2 or HoN. 😉

      2. A shame. I prefer DotA because it feels more variable that the rest and speaking of visuals Dota2 is pretty much king of the hill here, it’s bloody amazing. LoL is too simplified for my taste. By the way, has any of you played Bloodline Champions? I’m interested to see you livestream some failings on it. 😛

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