Tribes: Ascend release date announced

The completely free-to-play and awesome to look at Tribes: Ascend will be “ascending” from beta to full game (did you see what I did there?) on the 12th of April says the developers, Hi-Rez studios.

Apparently over 400,000people played on the open beta and so it’s a fair guess that if you are reading this then you might well have had a shot at the fast-paced shooter.I have to say, despite my general cynicism of FPSes these days I am looking forward to trying out Tribes. And not just because it’s free. It looks great, fun, fast paced and absolutely mental. While we may not talk much about it here I think ut’s safe to assume that we will be writing a full review around it’s online release.

Seeing as you’re here from some stuff to do with Tribes, why don’t I show you this gameplay trailer which parodies last year’s Dead Island trailer. If you know the Dead Island trailer at all then this ought to tickle you. It certainly gave me a little chuckle:

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