MMGaming Community Incoming!

Right folks! This is a special news post that deserves it’s own article and space on the MMGaming page! At MMgaming we have started up a new endeavour! Now we realise it’s still early days for this site, but we figured it’s good to get started on things sooner rather than later so without any further ado I’d like you to head over to the Official MMGaming Forum. Honestly, we haven’t yet done anything with it but we’d like to use it as a place where people can go to discuss video games, films or whatever you feel like! Honestly we’re not too fussed.

Hope to see you guys on there at some point!

One thought on “MMGaming Community Incoming!

  1. Hopefully you guys will check this out… and preferably people other than just spam bots. I guess we’re a real forum now though, because we had our first one with a perma-ban today! Very exciting! šŸ˜‰

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