Hey folks! You may be wondering why things have been slowing down of late in regards to reviews/news and other shenanigans and I just want to inform ya’ll to our plans. While we have been receiving steady viewership (thanks guys!) we are looking to overhaul the site into something more consistent and high quality. With that in mind […]

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AirBuccaneers HD Fan Vs Devs

  So today was the scheduled fan vs developers match on the alpha of their game AirBuccaneers HD. I decided that I should be representing some fans here and so logged in to see whats what. I joined for a total of 3 games, one was an mountainous grass land level, one a swamp and […]

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Hard Reset Extended Edition

A retail exclusive edition of Hard Reset, the downloadable first person shooter from Flying Wild Hog is planned for release soon. It adds five new levels to the single player campaign and and two to the survival mode, plus a new backstory. A few screenshots have been provided of the Cyberpunk world’s new environments and […]

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The Hobbit Movie Trailer

I had to post this. I’m sorry it’s not related to games. But it is simply necessary. No, more than that… It is absolutely VITAL I make a little post here to tell you that The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien is finally nearing completion! An announcement trailer was released on the 19th by […]

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