Seb’s Skyrim Journal, Part 2 – An Unexpected Development

There’s been a development my friends and I want you all to bear with me a moment while I explain. You see I think this is going to change the way a lot of things go down here at MMGaming. I want to you ALL to know that no matter what happens I AM going to try and keep posting… Unfortunately I now have some new responsibilities that can’t be ignored and it will probably change me as a person…

You see… It turns out… I may be this thing called a Dragonborn…

Okay but seriously, yesterday’s Skyrim session saw me become the Dragonborn after I absorbed a Dragon’s soul and powered up the first word of my Thu’um (or Shout) called Unrelenting Force: “FUS”.

I also saw my first ever Skyrim bug as I left the city of Whiterun. I wandered out the main door and after taking a few steps I was amazed to see a child from the city go flying over my head land about 20 feet in front of me and then walk calmly back into the city. Someone clearly FUS’d him off a wall…

I also completed my quest for the Golden Claw yesterday with few problems and joined the Companions. All in all… I am well on my way to becoming the Hero Gotha- I mean Skyrim! Deserves!



Our hero is apparently the Dragonborn of Legend! Who knows what adventure’s might meet him in our next instalment!

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