Air Buccaneers – Alpha gameplay trailer

If you’ve been needing any encouragement to try out the rather wonderful team-based mutliplayer Air Buccaneers then you should definitely check the trailer after the jump, which shows you some of the gameplay and what the game looks like.

Overall it does look really rather excellent and, as Tim found out during one of the Fans vs Devs battles that Ludocraft have hosted, the game is really good fun. It is a team game of course and requires working together, which will always be a problem with people from the internet, but I think this game is a real winner and you should definitely have a think about giving it a try!

Speaking of! There is actually another Fans vs Devs battle occurring this coming Wednesday (the 21st of March) and if there is ever a time that you should be trying to jump into the game it is then. There will be more people on the servers and it will most certainly be a blast (hurr hurr… cannon… blast).

If you’re interested head over to the official website!

And check out the trailer:

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