Endweek News – Colour Me Intrigued, Release Date City and Videos and Trailers

Hey everyone, it is Sunday again and as usual it is time for the News! Last week I epically failed in that I posted the news from the previous two weeks but then completely forgot to post the Colour Me Intrigued, Release Date City and Videos section. That means that actually this week  this part of the Endweek News is actually THREE WEEKS worth of stuff as opposed to just one… Yeah I know, failure at it’s finest…

However, the normal Endweek News section will just be the news from the past week and I hope to have that uploaded later today as well! Anyway, enough talk! What has been intriguing and awesome in the last three weeks? Check after the jump to find out!

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Another Far Cry 3 trailer

Like the title says folks, I have here another trailer for Far Cry 3 featuring cinematic and gameplay sequences. And drugs… let’s not forget that the new game will feature taking lots of lovely drugs…

Mmmm shrooooooooms… Wait… Woah man… Everything is so colourful and slowed down. It’s totally like, you know…

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Assassin’s Creed 3 reveal trailer

A cinematic trailer for Assassin’s Creed 3! And a release date! And it has guns! And fighting! And awesome! And a massive battle! And…! And…! And…! *gasp*

I think I need to go have a cigarette or something, yeah it was THAT intense… Seriously though, I LOVE Assassin’s Creed. I’m not going to say it’s the best series of games ever, that would just be the little fan-boy inside of me talking.


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Mass Effect – Take Earth Back full version

You’ll recall a couple of days ago there was a new cinematic trailer for Mass Effect 3 called Take Earth Back. Well, literally a day later Bioware decided to come at us again and give us an extended edition of the trailer with a whole extra minute of footage.

You know an awful lot of people(I’m looking at you Joystiq and Rock, Paper, Shotgun!) go on about playing as FemShep and how that’s the way to go in Mass Effect. I personally would just like to take a moment here to voice my approval for the MALE Commander Shepard. He kicks ass, get’s the girl and get’s the job done and he does it without losing a man or harming innocents (if you play him like I did anyway).

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The Secret World gets a release date

Much like the name suggests, Funcom’s MMO The Secret World is something of a mystery to us at MMGaming. Despite being alerted to it by a helpful comment way back when we started up this lovely website news for The Secret World has been few and far between. I’m not even sure how much hype there is about the game or what I should be expecting.

Well except that it’s set in a modern world… Except you fight demons and use magic! Sounds like a plan!

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Hitman Absolution Trailer

As if yesterday didn’t give us ENOUGH awesome to last us until Christmas I’ve found and seen some more trailers for other games that look absolutely amazing. The first of these is the new Trailer for Hitman Absolution.

Having never played a Hitman game I think that when this comes out next year it will be the perfect opportunity to try and play with an assassin other than Ezio Auditore. Naturally though, nobody, even this grimly, awesome assassin in Hitman will be able to steal my heart from that dashing Italian rogue… The trailer is still pretty damn cool though!

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Rainbow 6 Patriots Trailer: Because they weren’t bad-ass enough yet…

Do you remember the last “trailer” for Rainbow 6 Patriots? It showed Ubisoft’s target gameplay footage for the next Rainbow 6 (I.e. what they want the game to look like!). Not only did it look absolutely awesome but it was pretty brutal as well. It was fairly controversial in it’s displays of terrorism, counter-terrorism and the death of innocents. This next trailer, while I think it is a little less harsh, is only slightly better…

Regardless of brutality and controversy the new trailer is absolutely amazing! In fact these days, trailers have just reached a standard that never ceases to stun me with the scale and depth of graphics that can be achieved. I only hope the game actually looks as good as the target gameplay footage. Check it out after the jump! Continue reading