Mass Effect – Take Earth Back full version

You’ll recall a couple of days ago there was a new cinematic trailer for Mass Effect 3 called Take Earth Back. Well, literally a day later Bioware decided to come at us again and give us an extended edition of the trailer with a whole extra minute of footage.

You know an awful lot of people(I’m looking at you Joystiq and Rock, Paper, Shotgun!) go on about playing as FemShep and how that’s the way to go in Mass Effect. I personally would just like to take a moment here to voice my approval for the MALE Commander Shepard. He kicks ass, get’s the girl and get’s the job done and he does it without losing a man or harming innocents (if you play him like I did anyway).

Basically he’s one of the most awesome heroes for any game ever created (and this is coming from the guy with a man-crush on Ezio Auditore) and I think this trailer only enhances my belief in his awesome!

As he says to the Illusive man: “I’m going to do what you brought me back to do. I’ll fight and win this war without compromising the soul of our species.”

3 thoughts on “Mass Effect – Take Earth Back full version

  1. This isn’t the extended trailer you posted though. Or am I missing something and it’s not supposed to be?

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