Midweek News – Guild Wars swapping Realms, Some DLC, Some Trailers and our Song of the Week!

Interesting news seem to be a little slow lately so I have decided (seeing as I missed last Sunday) to include MMGaming’s Song of the Week in this news post. Why news has been slow I can’t really say but I’m going to assume it’s to do with either me not picking up on interesting stuff or that there is a sort of lull in news now that PAX East is over. Guess we just need to wait to see if it picks up again.

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Indie Games – Release date city

A few different Indie Games have been given release dates in the very near future, so if any of the following games are oens you are looking forward to then you can mark down some dates in your diary:

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (just confirmation that the PC version will be released, with the Xbox version out since August last year).

Shoot Many Robots (another PC version release with the XBLA and PSN versions having been released earlier this month).

Legend of Grimrock (an “old-school dungeon crawler” which we are rather interested in).

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Guild Wars 2 on Microtransactions

ArenaNet’s own Mike O’Brien has recently released a short article to the internet giving some information about the microtransactions which will be present in their upcoming MMO Guild Wars 2.

As you may know, you will have to pay in order to get a copy of Guild Wars 2 (as with any other game) but after that you can play online for as long as you want, completely for free. So while not completely free-to-play it doesn’t follow the subscription-based financial model (collective sigh of relief from all MMGamers whose time is money and who desperately want the game). There will however be a number of microtransactions within the game.

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Mass Effect 3 From Dust DLC

GameStop in the USA are already selling codes for some Mass Effect 3 DLC (called From Dust, so yeah the picture is related) despite the fact that the game isn’t even out yet. The codes are $10 so it’s around the usual 800 Microsoft Points/£7.99. Whether or not it will be sold outside of the US is yet to be determined, but I sure hope so.

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Missing Link Coming Soon

The DLC for Deus Ex called The Missing Link has had it’s release date announced by Eidos. You can expect to see it hitting the shelves of XBL, PS3 and PC on the 18th of October for the grand price of 1200 Microsoft points or about £12… if I’m doing my maths right…

Of course that isn’t the only thing hitting us on the 18th! Good luck competing against the Hero Gotham deserves!