Endweek News

You will have, obviously noticed that last week we had no news on Sunday and that this week we actually had no news on Wednesday either. And there are very good reasons for both of these things. As you might be aware I am in the middle of my exam period and I’m finding it a little more difficult to make the time to do the news. But don’t worry, after next week things ought to return to pretty much normal as both me and Tim will be finished.

And so we’ll need to come up with an excuse other than “We are lazy sons-of-bitches!”

Also, we are still playing around with our new “4 posts per week” system and have decided to only have one session of news on most weeks. While you might still see some Midweek News at some point in the future, for now we are going to be doing two reviews a week, on Wednesdays and Fridays. Anyway, “reasons” over! Let’s see what’s been happening in the world of video games for the last two weeks. Continue reading


Elder Scrolls Online

Yes folks! It’s true! Bethesda, along with ZeniMax Online Studios, are apparently already currently working on The Elder Scrolls Online, an Elder Scrolls MMO!

Be still my beating heart… While I calm down you should click the “Continue reading” button to find out some of the details behind this!

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Skyrim Review

This review is quite simply born of necessity. Both me and Tim have played Skyrim and it won our 2011 Game of the Year Award. Really though it’s hard to write something about the game that hasn’t been said already. Because it’s just so damned easy to rave and drool over Skyrim. Hell, if you need to read this to make your decision, allow me to prevent you from having to bother to scroll the read the rating at the bottom. Skyrim is quite simply the best game I have ever played.

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Seb’s Skyrim Journal, Part 5 – The Thu’um!

I’m going to be honest, until now I have had problems and concerns about the Thu’um, or Dragon Shouts in Skyrim. I mean, I was level 15 and I had two shouts. I had “WULD!”, the first word (of three that are in each shout) of Whirlwind Spirit, and that made me run fast… In a straight line… For half a second… So that wasn’t very impressive.

I also had “FUS RO” the first two words of the famous “FUS RO DAH!” or Unrelenting Force. And while that did knock enemies back, which was useful to buy time with when I had low health, it did basically no damage and was essentially useless.

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