Seb’s Skyrim Journal, Part 5 – The Thu’um!

I’m going to be honest, until now I have had problems and concerns about the Thu’um, or Dragon Shouts in Skyrim. I mean, I was level 15 and I had two shouts. I had “WULD!”, the first word (of three that are in each shout) of Whirlwind Spirit, and that made me run fast… In a straight line… For half a second… So that wasn’t very impressive.

I also had “FUS RO” the first two words of the famous “FUS RO DAH!” or Unrelenting Force. And while that did knock enemies back, which was useful to buy time with when I had low health, it did basically no damage and was essentially useless.

The point is. I was a reasonable distance into the game. I had killed trolls, monsters, bandits and had proven myself to be the Dovahkiin. I’d even killed three dragons on my own! And the Dragon Shouts I had were still essentially pointless.

And that concerned me. For a while I was very much afraid I would have to say that, for all the focus on the Dragon Shouts and how they were such a cool system where you could get the ultimate spells after you’d killed enough Dragons, the Dragon Shouts were poorly designed because I never ever used them due to being just so pointless.

Thankfully though! All this changed yesterday!

I was finishing off Dustman’s Cairn (a ruin you clear as part of a quest with the Companions) and at the end you receive the Thu’um “YOL!”. Which is the first word in the Fire Breath shout. And it does DAMAGE! Fire damage! I can now finally shout and by doing so set enemies ablaze in an inferno of awesome!

And that’s just the first word! Thank god for that! I can barely wait to see what it’s going to be like to have all three of that. I’m hoping for a storm of fire that destroys any in my path!

I will say though, while it is good and cool, it’s still not completely ultimate yet. But it has already proved invaluable in that it won me a fight that I’ve not been able to manage yet: taking on two trolls at once inside Greywinter Watch. With YOL I killed them both with surprising ease where before they killed me every single time I attempted to bring them down.

Good times to be Dovahkiin my friends…

Also (SPOILER ALERT)! I recently discovered something that I bet nobody else has found out yet! It’s this massive Skyrim secret and I wouldn’t be all that surprised if I’m actually the first to find it out at all!

Basically, no, come closer and I’ll tell you! Basically guys… No guys listen! Basically… The Companions right? No listen! The Companions, guys… Are werewolves!
Are you enjoying this diary? You await each next episode with bated breath? Well I’m sorry to say that due to me heading off to Uni where I won’t have ready access to Skyrim the Diary will have to be postponed until late Spring/early Summer when I get back home.

Until then here is every episode we’ve had so far: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4

See you all soon!

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