Elder Scrolls Online

Yes folks! It’s true! Bethesda, along with ZeniMax Online Studios, are apparently already currently working on The Elder Scrolls Online, an Elder Scrolls MMO!

Be still my beating heart… While I calm down you should click the “Continue reading” button to find out some of the details behind this!

Nothing is really concrete yet (as it never is) but according to Toms Guide and anonymous source inside the companies has revealed that Bethesda intend to unveil this new MMO sometime around May.

The game will bet set around 1,000 years before Skyrim, placing it in the Second Era (of the Elder Scrolls lore) and hundreds of years before any of the games in the series, which of course makes sense, can’t have an MMO screwing up the canon for future instalments of the single-player versions! You will choose between one of three playable factions represented by a Lion, a Dragon and some sort of bird of prey (Eagle or Phoenix seems to be the current guess).

Other than that not much is known but it’s assumed that after the reveal in May there will be a lot of details coming out at this years E3 (there had better be, I’m still getting over the loss of the XBox 720…).

According to Eurogamer this game has been rumoured since way back in 2007 and has already had tens of millions of dollars poured into it.

All in all, it is very exciting but I am a little concerned. I mean I love the Elder Scrolls, I wish I had been older and worldly enough to be able to get Morrowind when it was released (hell I wish I could’ve been there for Arena and Daggerfall). But what I love about it is that it’s a single player RPG in which you alone shape the world around you (it’s for this exact reason I think Mass Effect wouldn’t really work as an MMO).

There is another slight concern I have and that is that the current format of MMo’s are changing. World of Warcraft is slowly losing subscribers and even SWTOR isn’t as big as it would have been a couple of years back. More and more of them are going to free-to-play models.

All of this makes me wonder about how the Elder Scrolls MMO will work and what it’s draw will be.

Of course, you have to remember that I would still almost certainly crawl on my hands and knees through shattered glass for more information on this game… So maybe my fears are a bit unfounded…

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