Skyrim Modding For Dummies

A couple of new things are planned by Bethesda for next week for their amazing, yet amusingly glitchy Skyrim.  Amongst the things planned by Bethesda is some more patches which will hopefully deal with most of the bugs and glitches that people have been experiencing, like the backwards flying dragon (which remains, by the way, absolutely hilarious!).

However that’s not all planned by our intrepid game designer. Oh no. Apparently by January next year Bethesda plan to allow plays to download the same development tools they used in creating Skyrim. This means that players will be able to mod and fiddle with Skyrim (on PC of course) to their hearts content. So if you’ve been hankering for that lightsaber to kill dragons with then you are in luck.

Also they plan to tie-in the development tools to Steam so that people can share, browse and download mods with far greater ease. PLUS they still seem to approve of fan-made modding websites and say that these sites will still useable if that is your preference.

As a console gamer this doesn’t really mean much to me, but if your interest is suddenly aroused then i suggest you toddle over to Rock, Paper, Shotgun for a more in-depth description.

All of this comes along with guarantees of continual patches to fix bugs and glitches in the code (on all gaming platforms) before they move on to start dealing with “quest balance issues”.

Basically, it’s a tip of the hat to Bethesda who are giving a great deal of support and even encouragement to the game-modding community. It’s things like this that give me hope that maybe Bethesda isn’t evil and it really does look out for it’s players and consumers.

Poor naive fool that I am…

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