Q.U.B.E. Aperture Science doesn’t just do Portals

Okay so it’s not made by Valve (it’s made by a company called Toxic Games) and it’s REALLY not set in the Half-Life Universe and has nothing to do with Portal or Aperture Science. You can check the trailer after the jump!

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Gatling Gears Review

Gatling Gears is a simple third person shooter game. You take the role as Max, an ex-pilot for the Empire. Now when I say pilot I don’t mean planes, you drive a walker. One similar to an AT-ST walker in Star Wars. Yes, you get to control the walker and you have some weapons on board to shoot […]

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Drakensang: Einen Deutsch MMORPG

For those of you confused by the title, “Deutsch” means “German”. And so, while the title may be completely grammatically incorrect in actual German I think it gets across what I was trying to say. I realise it’s not a particularly inspired title but then I think it’s unusual enough when you think about it. After all, how many other […]

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Dead Cyborg: Kicking it Old-School

You wake up in a cryotube in a post-apocalyptic world. You are radiation poisoned, extremely weak and you’re only thought is to get the hell out. A one-man Indie game (created by one Endre Barath) Dead Cyborg won’t just be one single game but a series of three episodes each which apparently contain 2 to 3 hours […]

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