Reviewed! Legends of Dawn


Ah.  Legends of Dawn.  Indie produced.  Successfully Kickstarted.  Steam Greenlighted.  It has a suite of interesting features and the devs claim that it is a hardcore fantasy game.  But is it actually any good?  You must read past Friend Bump to find out.

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Midweek News – Guild Wars swapping Realms, Some DLC, Some Trailers and our Song of the Week!

Interesting news seem to be a little slow lately so I have decided (seeing as I missed last Sunday) to include MMGaming’s Song of the Week in this news post. Why news has been slow I can’t really say but I’m going to assume it’s to do with either me not picking up on interesting stuff or that there is a sort of lull in news now that PAX East is over. Guess we just need to wait to see if it picks up again.

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Cell Emergence HD review

Infection, as we all know, is usually most easily handled by a med-kit or a health potion… maybe a healing spell or two. But never before have we seen what magic the various healing items are actually doing inside our various avatars and characters. Cell Emergence by New Life Interactive LLC. is a game in which you take on the role of a nanite inside the body of a child fighting some massive viral infection. Of course, it’s also once hundred percent medically accurate!

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Song of the Week – Setting Sail and Coming Home

This week we are going all mellow and calming with a live rendition of two of seBastion’s pieces of music. That doesn’t mean it ain’t awesome though! Audio director Darren Korb and vocalist Ashley Barrett play through Setting Sail and Coming Home in a rather lovely rendition of seBastion’s music.

Sit back and relax. And maybe consider getting seBastion as it is an absolutely fantastic game (as Tim will attest).

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A Walk in the Dark – Sidescrolling has never felt this emotional

What we have here is a trailer for an upcoming sidescroller called Walk in the Dark (it features gameplay footage) which actually did leave me feeling oddly emotional after watching it. The combination of sad music and creepy graphics just give it an impressively eerie feel, even if the gameplay itself doesn’t look all that special.

With a release date of sometime this year, this is another indie game that might be worth checking out folks. Check it out after the jump.

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QUBE Review

The lads at Toxic Games were kind enough to give us a review code for QUBE – Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion which I had been looking forward to trying out. Anyway my patience was rewarded and I can now get you this review out just a bare day before it comes out on Steam. For anyone who is interested QUBE comes out on Steam tomorrow (6th january 2011).

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