Reviewed! Legends of Dawn

  Ah.  Legends of Dawn.  Indie produced.  Successfully Kickstarted.  Steam Greenlighted.  It has a suite of interesting features and the devs claim that it is a hardcore fantasy game.  But is it actually any good?  You must read past Friend Bump to find out.

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Cell Emergence HD review

Infection, as we all know, is usually most easily handled by a med-kit or a health potion… maybe a healing spell or two. But never before have we seen what magic the various healing items are actually doing inside our various avatars and characters. Cell Emergence by New Life Interactive LLC. is a game in […]

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QUBE Review

The lads at Toxic Games were kind enough to give us a review code for QUBE – Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion which I had been looking forward to trying out. Anyway my patience was rewarded and I can now get you this review out just a bare day before it comes out on Steam. […]

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Monaco Looks AMAZING.

  I’v heard Monaco being talked about here and there but never really looked into the up-and-coming indie title… UNTIL NOW. *End Jeremy Clarkson impression* Simply put, looks like beastly fun and I would like you all to enjoy this multiplayer video below.    

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VOID: Impressions

That certainly didn’t take long. Immediately after making the news post about VOID, made by some students at DigiPen, I downloaded it and tried it out. It’s worth pointing out that as the work of students and not even a full time Indie-game developer the game IS very short. It took me around about 20 minutes to get through […]

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Some DLC to excite and amuse

This week see’s two bout of DLC coming out, for those of us interested. Later on this week will see us being able to play as the overpowered Locust general RAAM in the Gears of War 3 (by Epic Games) DLC “RAAM’s Shadow”. Set before the events of Gears One, RAAM’s Shadow will involve crushing some […]

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