Q.U.B.E. Aperture Science doesn’t just do Portals

Okay so it’s not made by Valve (it’s made by a company called Toxic Games) and it’s REALLY not set in the Half-Life Universe and has nothing to do with Portal or Aperture Science. You can check the trailer after the jump!

What it is, is a very awesome looking puzzle game which revolves around, as far as I can tell, using magic gloves to make boxes in the walls, floors and ceilings do stuff… I realise that’s not the most amazing description but I’m a bit of a speshy and I can’t keep up with EVERYTHING in the gaming world. So unfortunately I’ve only recently heard about it.

This is actually a bit of a shame as the game does look really cool, plus it has won or almost won an awful lot of indie awards. And it is a pretty competitive market so I think you can expect a whole lot of awesome.

Anyway, it apparently will be released on Steam, Desura and Playism on the 16th of December for $14.99 and a Mac version will follow shortly afterwards. Check out the trailer for some cool and abstract looking science! And Wheatley!

No… It’s not Wheatley… IT’S WHEATLEY MARK 2!!!

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