The MMGaming Awards – 2012

The world awaits with bated breath as we at MMGaming have been considering the various awards we would like to hand out at this years MGA (MMGaming Gaming Awards): the more prestigious version of the VGA. All across the globe the big game companies are staring at their browsers, just waiting to see if their […]

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Our Thoughts On: Symphony

On Monday of this week developer Empty Clip Studios published the casual indie game Symphony. The game is similar in a way to Audiosurf in that the game is based around importing your own music from your computer into the game and then playing the game along with that music. It’s a simple enough premise […]

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Steve’s Exit Plan

Hey folks! Just wanted to run this past you real quick. A new band is in town and they are the wonderful, magnificent, average, typical indie band called Steve’s Exit Plan! They are comprised of a few of my mates from the hometown of Glasgow and while their recordings are in rough form they certainly […]

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