Video Mondaily – Here to get your PULSE racing

I have been feeling a little bit down on making more Black Mesa videos after the disaster which occurred a couple of weeks ago resulting in the loss of episodes 7, 8 and 9. And while I have also planned to do a few other bits and bobs, including a few of the more interesting encounters in Borderlands 2, I have yet to actually get round to it. I will say first of all that these things ARE still in the works and I do mean to finish Black Mesa but I felt that I wanted to take a little break from it and do something completely different.

The “something-completely-different” I had in mind comes from Team Pixel Pi, a team of video game students (or something like that) from the Vancouver Film School. The game in question is called Pulse and is an indie (obviously) horror where you play as a completely blind person searching for his/her lost little brother. I actually mentioned this a good while ago in a “Colour me Intrigued” section of our Endweek News.

It’s a pretty nifty little game and as it’s completely free it well worth a look in from everyone. If you are at all interested, either by what I’ve said here or by the video below you can check it out here. For now though, enjoy the video!

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