Video Mondaily – Jumping on Command

A long time ago in a flat far, far away… (Also known as a few days ago in a flat in Edinburgh via an online messenger).

Tim: “Hey Seb, check out The Rake – Back to Asylum. Might be fun or make a good video.”

Seb: “What is it? What makes you say that?”

Tim: “It’s an Indie Horror game, check it out!”

Seb: “Uh… Sure! What’s the worst that could happen!?”

Well, I have demonstrated before, I have been known to do things on command and as you may have noticed my attitude towards playing The Rake by Mike R. was pretty gung-ho. After all… What could POSSIBLY go wrong with playing the free indie horror?

Well the answer to that is: “quite a lot actually” and if you are interested in watching me shrieking like a little girl in absolute terror then you ought to check out after the jump!

First and foremost I ought to post the link to the official website of the game where you can download either or both of the currently available maps which centre around the internet, creepypasta myth of The Rake (a monster similar to Slenderman in several respects, you can look him up here). I decided, in what I consider an act which is high in both bravery and stupidity, to download and try out both Back to Asylum and the newer Hostel maps and record my forays into the unknown. The results speak for themselves: jump-scares, screaming and a very upset Seb.

Both of these are definitely worth the watch folks! Enjoy! I’ll just be over here… Trying to get over my new-found crippling insomnia…

ALSO! You might be interested in checking out the brief impressions I did of the game in our last “Ideas for Your Little Minutes”!

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