Mass Effect 3 – Disappointments abound

I am not in a good mood folks. First of all, last night my hopes of a new exciting console release were crushed and just today when scanning the interwebs for other pieces of gaming news for you guys I came across the following title “Mass Effect 3 Ending Furore” on Eurogamer.

I’ve said this before, but when it comes to games I love (and I mean love, not just like) such as Mass Effect, The Elder Scrolls and a few others. I try to avoid looking at anything actually game related myself in case it spoils something for me. And now I know that an awful lot of fans are apparently very disappointed with the ending for Mass Effect 3.

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Oodles of Mass Effect 3 News

I have a variety of different bits and pieces of news to give you regarding Mass Effect 3! As I’ve been a little off the ball posting since Saturday and I’m actually fairly busy today I once again will have to compress all interesting bits of news into one news post! Because business should be no bar to the awesome that is Mass Effect.

The news in questions today is as follows: Information about the “From Ashes” DLC. Information about the Normandy model going to space (and the chance to win a bunch of Mass Effect goodies). And to finish off today’s offering I will present to you the new Mass Effect 3 Live Action trailer.

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Preview Review! Mass Effect 3 Demo Impressions

This one’s not as timely as it could be.  Surely you’ve made your own decisions about Mass Effect 3’s demo by now.  Well, unless your opinions match mine exactly, then I’m pretty sure you’ve made some terrible choices with your life.  Like being nice to someone I don’t like or having original thoughts or the like.  In order to help make the world a better place, I humbly submit the EXACT THOUGHTS you should have about this sneak peak.

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Mass Effect – Take Earth Back full version

You’ll recall a couple of days ago there was a new cinematic trailer for Mass Effect 3 called Take Earth Back. Well, literally a day later Bioware decided to come at us again and give us an extended edition of the trailer with a whole extra minute of footage.

You know an awful lot of people(I’m looking at you Joystiq and Rock, Paper, Shotgun!) go on about playing as FemShep and how that’s the way to go in Mass Effect. I personally would just like to take a moment here to voice my approval for the MALE Commander Shepard. He kicks ass, get’s the girl and get’s the job done and he does it without losing a man or harming innocents (if you play him like I did anyway).

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Mass Effect 3 demo avaliable

If you want to check out Mass Effect 3 before it’s release in March you can head along to this page provided by Bioware. It gives links to downloads for all platforms and the demo provides two missions for you to try out. Also if you want to try out the multiplayer you can do that as well providing you log into your EA Origin account.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I don’t really have any intention of playing the demo or watching gameplay videos as I intend to get into the full game with an unbiased and completely blank outlook on the game.