Oodles of Mass Effect 3 News

I have a variety of different bits and pieces of news to give you regarding Mass Effect 3! As I’ve been a little off the ball posting since Saturday and I’m actually fairly busy today I once again will have to compress all interesting bits of news into one news post! Because business should be no bar to the awesome that is Mass Effect.

The news in questions today is as follows: Information about the “From Ashes” DLC. Information about the Normandy model going to space (and the chance to win a bunch of Mass Effect goodies). And to finish off today’s offering I will present to you the new Mass Effect 3 Live Action trailer.

The From Ashes DLC is actually already available on the XBox Live marketplace. It costs 800 Microsoft points (you can all work out how much that is in your own currency) and will include a Prothean squad member and will involve unearthing “secrets of the past”. I have avoided looking too deeply into information because apparently spoilers abound in the information available and, as I have said many times, I don’t want to ruin anything ME3 related for myself. Even if it’s something I may not get.

Also, this whole “DLC available already, before the release date” may sound familiar to you, and that’s because it is. It seems likely that Bioware changed the name of their “From Dust” DLC to avoid any confusion with the XBL arcade game (a joke I actually made use of in my news post there). So yeah, as far as I am aware the From Dust DLC is one and the same as the From Ashes DLC.


In one of the most elaborate marketing stunts I have heard of, to promote Mass Effect 3 Bioware have actually placed copies of Mass Effect 3 and a whole bunch of ME3 goodies, which is estimated to add up to about $500 in retail value, into the Earth’s atmosphere (with a small replica of the Normandy attached to the side of whatever plane/rocket/spaceship they were using). There are/were five launches in total from five major cities, including from London at 11:30 this morning, and each launch contains only one copy of this Mass Effect 3 “Space Edition”. If you sign up on the ME3 website you get the opportunity to track the flight of this game and get informed of where it lands. If you can then make it to the landing zone in time, you are given the goodies and a free, early copy of Mass Effect 3…

I have never wished I owned a car or had the ability to teleport more. I want a Mass Effect 3 Space Edition!!


And finally, a Mass Effect 3 live action trailer was leaked onto the internet earlier today. It was meant to come out tonight along with something called “The Walking Dead” which I’m not really aware of (nor could I be bothered researching). Suffice to say, it was leaked early and so Bioware had to post it themselves sharpish. Which they have!

It features sadness and desperation and the moment where all hope had faded. But then Shepard, son of Bioware took up humanities call… So yeah, if you read MMGaming you will know of my personal love of Live Action Trailers and Mass Effect 3… So I bet you can guess just how messy my room ended up after this particular batch of awesome (despite the fact that as live action trailers go, it wasn’t really that good). So I’d grab some tissues if I were you and enjoy some awesome:


Also in one final, slightly less interesting ME3 related piece of news. Apparently the pre-orders for Mass Effect 3 are waaaay ahead of what Bioware had for ME2. Sounds like people out there are paying attention when I say that YOU SHOULD BUY THIS GAME! Remember! It comes out 9th of March!

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