Mass Effect 3 – Disappointments abound

I am not in a good mood folks. First of all, last night my hopes of a new exciting console release were crushed and just today when scanning the interwebs for other pieces of gaming news for you guys I came across the following title “Mass Effect 3 Ending Furore” on Eurogamer.

I’ve said this before, but when it comes to games I love (and I mean love, not just like) such as Mass Effect, The Elder Scrolls and a few others. I try to avoid looking at anything actually game related myself in case it spoils something for me. And now I know that an awful lot of fans are apparently very disappointed with the ending for Mass Effect 3.

Naturally I didn’t look any further for fears of actually spoiling the ending, so don’t worry NO SPOILERS HERE. But what i do know I will pass on.

It would appear that the ending is not quite as final as fans were hoping. The word “polarising” has popped up on more than one occasion and I did see the phrase “make up your own mind” or something similar. As far as I can make out then, the ending doesn’t actually tie everything up.

While obviously that could mean anything at this stage (the stage of not knowing anything about the game that is), but it does suggest that something fairly major happens which leaves the players doubting something or leaves something unfinished. A sort of “will the spinning top drop or not?” situation.

While this is still a pretty ambiguous thing to find out, it still worries me that I also won’t be satisfied by the ending for my beloved Mass Effect.

That said, Bioware did announce that they WERE listening to fans about the ending and are going to talk more about it once more people have finished that game. They have also announced that they have plans for some “really great” multiplayer and single-player DLC. I think I will be doing my best to get ALL OF IT!

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