Baldur’s Gate shenanigans

Something interesting appears to be happening over at While nothing more than a teaser image with some very nostalgia inducing music at the moment there has been confirmation from Trent Oster and his team at Beamdog that SOMETHING is in the works. And that something is Baldur’s Gate related, but not related to the […]

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IT’S OVER 1000!!! Players…

A few days ago a new Guinness World Record was set for the most gamers playing on one single online multiplayer server at the same time. Around 1000 people were all online at the same time in one gigantic battlefield with lazers and profanity flying every which way. Developed by Much Different, Man Vs. Machine (the game […]

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Wyv & Keep Preview Build

The interesting little puzzle game Wyv & Keep: The Temple of the Lost Idol has just come out with a free preview build for us all to play. I’v taken a quick look at it and it seems quite fun. The game revolves around controlling 2 characters to solve a series of puzzles, getting treasure […]

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Fotonica is a free running game that you can now download for free or “Pay what you like” Trailer after the jump.

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