Baldur’s Gate shenanigans

Something interesting appears to be happening over at While nothing more than a teaser image with some very nostalgia inducing music at the moment there has been confirmation from Trent Oster and his team at Beamdog that SOMETHING is in the works. And that something is Baldur’s Gate related, but not related to the Baldur’s Gate: Complete Edition.

Some have suggested that it could be the sign of an HD version of Baldur’s Gate in the works. Me? I honestly can’t even speculate right now and so all I can say is that I will keep abreast of any interesting developments. While I never really properly got into Baldur’s Gate as I was too young to properly appreciate it when it came out I will say I have fond memories of it and new developments do tickle my interest, if only slightly…

3 thoughts on “Baldur’s Gate shenanigans

  1. oooh er this post is relevant to my interests. I’ve been dying for a new dnd game since NWN2 and getting back to the roots is not a bad shout at all… unless its using 4th ed rules >_> that would suck.

    1. My last memories of Baldur’s Gate were trying to complete the tutorial in Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn when I was about 9 and failing miserably. Then I tried cheating to get ultimate items and spells. And still failed.

      I got an absolutely glorious 15 minutes into that game before I gave up… I was only NINE!

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