Stanley Parable – Interview about a Remake

At MMGaming we like new and shiny things. It’s true. However, we also really like innovation and genius from the games we play. This is why when we played The Stanley Parable earlier this year we all absolutely loved it. For those of you who don’t know. The game is a mod built on the […]

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More Portal 2 DLC

Valve have already announced that there will be some more Portal 2 DLC arriving some time early 2012. Not too much is known yet, prices and what it will fully contain have yet to be announced, as is whether or not it will beĀ availableĀ on all platforms. What is known though is that people will be […]

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Turret Opera Explained

Some of you might well have been wondering why the Portal turrets, machines designed specifically to fill you with more holes than there are holes in the scientific theory behind most of Aperture’s experiments, are able to bring tears to many a gamer’s eye with their hauntingly, beautiful Turret Opera which is sung at the […]

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