Total War: Shogun 2 – Fall of the Samurai

The expansion for the amazing and massive strategy game Total War: Shogun 2 has been given a release date by Sega. It is due out on the 23rd of March and will cost $24.99 on Steam. The expansion actually stands alone from the game, as you could possibly tell from the price, and as well as having all the awesome of Shogun 2 it also introduces a plethora of new features.

The expansion will be set 400 years after the events of Shogun 2 itself and so is set less in the era of Feudal Japan and more in the Industrial Age as Western Technology moves in and starts to remove the way of the Samurai.

Still set in Japan, but now in the 19th Century. The game map is a bit bigger, introduces six new clans, new foreign powers trying to mess up your business, railways, new units, the ability to use ships and ship combat and new agents.

Ships can actually assault ports in the game as well as engage other ships and the defensive towers in the game can be upgraded to use varying types of deadly weaponry, from archers to Gatling guns.

More stuff and new features have been chucked into the online Multiplayer, including 40 new retainers for your Lords, 30 new types of armour and a 19th century skill tree for your avatars.

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