Aliens: Colonial Marines gameplay trailer

I’m still aiming for an air of being aloof and not really caring too much about Aliens: Colonial Marines, due to the poor experiences I’ve had with past Alien/Predator games. But I have to say this latest gameplay trailer actually doesn’t look all that bad and you can check it out here after the jump!

The trailer itself captures what I believe has been missing from the Alien franchise in a long while: the aura of not knowing what’s going to happen. So far in previous alien games and movies, you know that in every dark corner there lurks an alien waiting to kill off the black guy, or the guy at the back of the group.

However, if they’ve managed to capture that “Amnesia-esque” atmosphere where every corner could hold an alien, but doesn’t actually but you think it does and aren’t entirely certain but you have to explore it anyway (*takes a deep breath*) THEN it might actually be quite good.

The trailer certainly does a good job at hinting it might be like that… and less of a running, gunning Halo type of game.

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