Bioshock Infinite – Life amongst the clouds is troublesome

2K Games and Infinity Ward have spent the last month or so slowly revealing some of the tougher fights you can expect in Bioshock Infinite. Whilst admiring the view and killing the ordinary splicers (are they still splicers?) you will occasionally come across some people that will just put a crimp in your day. You know the sort, folk who just can’t mind their own damn business while you try to save the world. The sort of grumpy bastards that clearly woke up on the wrong side of the bed and then proceeded to fall into a massive pile of armour and massive weapons…

And magic… Let’s not forget the magic…

Actually have they started calling it magic yet? Or is it still Adam and Eve and genetically induced awesomeness (which nobody bought for half a second)?

Well whatever, there have been four of these tougher enemies, called “the Heavy Hitters”, revealed in both picture and video form! I will post the pictures and you can scroll down to the bottom to watch the videos and listen to the designers talk about how awesome and hard to kill these fuckers will be. The most recently revealed was the Siren and that’s her picture up at the top, looking all evil and deathly. The others, however, are:

The Motorized Patriot
The Handyman
The Boys of Silence

Are you sufficiently concerned by their pictures? No? Well here are the video reveals as well:

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