Song of the Week – Mass Effect dubstepz

It’s that time of the week again folks. Actually, I’ve been wanting to say something about that… But first let’s get the tunes going!

This week I’ve got two things to offer you! First I have some official Bioware Dubstep! Bioware stuck pieces of footage from a variety of their trailers for Mass Effect 3 and then put some rather cool wubwubwub over the top of it. Excellent! The bad news on that score is that I couldn’t find the video on Youtube, so I can only provide you with a link to that. So as a peace offering I chose one of the Mass Effect dubsteps on Youtube and have embedded that instead! Two pieces of music! You lucky thing you!

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Song of the Week – I’m Commander Shepard, the man with the method

Another of MMGaming’s favourite artist’s Dan Bull is back with this week’s Song of the Week. This weeks Song of the Week is another Epic Rap and this time features Mass Effect 1 and 2, rather topical considering the recent release of Mass Effect 3.

Topical, funny, interesting. BOOM!

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Song of the Week – Doomsday

In honour of the awesome that was the latest Borderlands 2 trailer I have decided that this weeks batch of wubwub and weekend-inducing tunes will come in the form of Doomsday by Nero (also known as the “Borderlands 2 trailer theme song”).

Not only is an absolutely bloody awesome tune that should get you all ready for a night out with the lads but whenever it starts playing the trailer for Borderlands 2 pops into my head and I see explosions and dancing claptraps everywhere. Prepare to joy-puke your face off chaps!

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Borderlands 2 – 87 Bazillion Guns just got Bazilliondier

Borderlands 2 just got the most awesome trailer I’ve seen in a video game in a long time. It makes some pretty big promises as well! It shows graphics and gameplay which may well knock our socks off. It says that there will be bazillions more guns than the bazillions in the first one. It promises puking your face off in joy.

AND it promises 96.5% more WUBWUB! With dancing Claptraps? And Dubstep? And guns? And awesome? And a release date of the 21st of September?

Count me the in!

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