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Warface Trailers and New Screenshots

While perhaps not as innovative as Binary Domain (see the previous post) Crytek's shooter Warface which has been in development for some time now does look really, REALLY good. Plus, this is going to be a free-to-play online game rather than a story based, squad-based shooter. I think with this in the works and it looking so damn good Modern Warfare 3 ought to go into a corner somewhere and quietly eat it's heart out...

Anyway you should definitely check after the jump for some brand new screenshots of the game and for a snippet of the Alpha gameplay footage. Which actually looks astounding as well despite the footage having been made in 2010! I think Battlefield 3 might have to go eat it's heart in a corner as well...

Trust me, it does look THAT awesome...

Posted by Seb May-Wilson

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  1. the guys over at have some updates!

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