The Rise of Isengard

If you know your video games then you should know that Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) is a free to play MMO set in Tolkien’s awesome fantasy world.

Anyway if this is a game that at all interests you then you should know that a new expansion pack called The Rise of Isengard is due for release really soon. The 27th of this month actually!

Apparently the expansion will introduce three new regions including Isengard itself, it will raise the level cap to 75 and is introducing a new 24 man raid. It will also probably come with the traditional MMO expansion new abilities, spells and awesome.

Now if you know us at all then you know we try to get free games wherever we can and we do tend to enjoy a good MMO (or at least I usually do). Tim reviewed Age of Conan near the start of this site and he has played LOTRO before. I think that a new expansion pack might well be a good excuse to finally give this game a shot and review it. Keep your eyes peeled for it!

Check out the suitably epic trailer here:

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