Mass Effect 3… MULTIPLAYER?!?

The above photo shows part of a flier that was sent out by a Video Game store chain in South Africa (how they seem to know about this before most of the rest of the world is beyond me). This is for a special Collectors Edition of Mass Effect 3, and look! It says you get an Exclusive Hard Cover Art Book!

No, seriously, it apparently will contain an “Online Multiplayer Pass”. This is big and interesting news… in a way… As this was posted on the Bioware forums, which are on the Internet, people are still arguing about whether or not it is true. If we assume it isn’t true and it’s just some mistake and means some new “Cerberus Network” thing like there was in Mass Effect 2, well, no big deal really… I suppose…

On the other hand, if we assume that this is legit then we could very well see Multiplayer Mass Effect! How that’s going to work I haven’t the slightest clue! But I bet it’ll be awesome!

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