Doom 4… Cancelled…?

Cancelled already? But I was so excited! I heard about the idea of Doom 4 and my mind was suddenly set ablaze with the possibilities! However it has now been cancelled! God.. I can’t believe it… I only played Doom 3 about 2 years ago and so while, obviously, the graphics didn’t stand up versus current graphics I saw the potential and I bet had I got it when it came out it would’ve scared the fuck out of me (especially as I was about 8…) so I was totally ready to get my fear on. SEB! Hang on… you aren’t being fully honest here…

Okay so the fact is that Doom 4 has been “postponed indefinitely” with a keyword of “apparently”. Nobody actually knows for sure. The reason for this sudden change in plans is that Bethesda was planning to be working with ID software, the creators of Rage. Now Rage apparently got an average of less than 8/10 by reviewers and so, if the rumours are to be believed, Bethesda have lost confidence with ID and so cancelled on the project.

Whether or not it is true, we will have to wait and see. I can only hope it is not…

UPDATE: Shortly after posting this I cam across this new post at Joystiq which says that Bethesda have completely denied the rumours of this¬†cancellation! Be still my beating heart… it’s all right…

3 thoughts on “Doom 4… Cancelled…?

    1. Very good point but in this case I believe the amount of time and money spent on Rage and the hype it seemed to build up meant that anything less than 8/10 wouldn’t be economically viable.

      Having said that I think you are right and less than 8/10 should not be deemed a “failure” by publishers.

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