Trailers Everywhere… Part Two!

Sometimes I can’t be bothered making an individual news post for every trailer I see. I mean I love video games, but I’m also a Uni student which by definition means I’m lazy and that procrastination is my middle name.

Heh… Sebastian Procrastination… That actually sounds pretty good!

Anyway, there is PLENTY of awesome Cinematic trailers here for you to feast your eyes on! And when I say “plenty”… I mean two. And when I say “feast on” I mean “drool over” or “worship” or “fap to”. Wait whaaaaat!?!

Anyway both of tonight’s servings come form the currently occurring Blizzcon: first on our list of deliciousness is a preview trailer for Heart of the Swarm. The next stage of Starcraft 2 and the Zerg Campaign. It will feature new units, new story and new awesome!

After that we come to our main serving of awesome for tonight though is a cinematic trailer for Diablo 3! Enjoy them! Enjoy them I say!

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