World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

One of the things that always bothered me a little about World of Warcraft was how quickly new stuff seemed to come out. After any patch or expansion came out you would only just be getting into the swing of things when suddenly the next stage was announced and then tested and then released.

Case in point. During my time playing through the cold wastes of Northrend I managed to raid occasionally, but went through guild after guild as one by one they split up, stopped raiding or just stopped playing. So when I finally manage to get a good guild I thought I might finally be able to get to the end-game content. And then Blizzard announces Cataclysm and so I suddenly have a time limit on killing the Lich King before it will become obsolete. Still managed though… SPARTANS!!!

Anyway, along these lines you could be forgiven if you thought that WoW Patch 4.3 had been released because suddenly Blizzard have announced the next expansion on the line-up! So before players have even had a chance to kill Deathwing and “win” Cataclysm, Blizzard have dropped the bomb that the next level up is right round the corner anyway.

However, I reckon people will get over it because, in traditional WoW style, this next expansion sounds AWESOME! Called Mists of Pandaria the new expansion will see a whole plethora of new features (posted below) of which the post cool thing is clearly the new playable race… The Pandaren! People have been wanting to play as a Pandaren ever since Warcraft 3! My god it’d be just too damn cool to be finally able to play as one of these sexy motherfuckers!

Even better, Blizz have a way to overcome what was probably the biggest difficulty with Pandaren. They aren’t really Horde OR Alliance creatures and BOTH sides want them. SO really if Blizz had given the Pandaren to either side in previous expansions I bet the other side would’ve been REALLY pissed off. Anyway, Blizz have, apparently, got round this by making the Pandaren the first race in World of Warcraft to be completely neutral and it’s up to the player which side s/he wants to fight for. Awesome!

Anyway, some of the other features (stolen from here) are:

  • Level cap raised to 90.
  • New continent: Pandaria
  • New Class: The Monk (which is also pretty awesome and is based largely around martial arts)
  • Pet Battles
  • Dungeon “Challenge” Mode
  • New Talent System
And probably a whole fuckload more of awesome stuff! It’s going to be amazing! A release date hasn’t been announced yet but I’m going to go ahead and guess sometime in the middle of next year. I hope that I can actually get back into WoW at that point because a new expansion would be just the excuse I need to get back into the game! Anyway, enough waffle! Check out some awesome traileryness:

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