All will burn beneath the Shadow of my Wings!

So the time is nigh. World of Warcraft Patch 4.3 is due for release into the Public Test Realm within the next few weeks. 4.3 will see the “end” of the Cataclysm expansion as players will be finally pitted against the leader of the Black Dragonflight: Deathwing the Destroyer.

Along with what sounds like a boss fight of truly epic proportions there will be the usual plethora of new stuff typical for a large World of Warcraft content patch.

First off, the fight itself sounds interesting enough for me to sort of wish I was still playing WoW. Of course, if I started up again, I would still have to work my way through the normal dungeons, do absolutely tonnes of the heroic dungeons and quite a few of the higher raids before I would be anywhere near Deathwing level of gear… So no… I won’t be doing that. But the fight does sound cool. Apparently it involves travelling into the future, into the past and finally involves actually standing on Deathwing hacking your way through his scales while he spins down into the heart of the Maelstrom itself!

And that’s awesome! It’s the sort of awesome I’ve come to expect from Cataclysm which involves the players in so many more ways than Vanilla WoW (hit him… and then keep on hitting him until something gives…).

There will also be some changes done to the baking system so that players can keep more items. How does it work? I’m not entirely sure I understand but it revolves around something called Void Space. Frankly if you want to hear more you should check out the article I’m getting most of this from at Rock, Paper, Shotgun or keep an eye on the official site.

Anyway, the update will also include some new dungeons (no surprises) and something called item Transmogrification where, as I understand it, you can change item models so that they resemble older and now low-level World of Warcraft gear. It simply changes the look of the items rather than the stats of them, and sounds like a pretty nifty feature for those players who hanker for the days of WoW yore.

Anyway, I’ll try and keep abreast of further developments and maybe give you a more detailed rendition of what the update will contain closer to it’s release!

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