New Assassin’s Creed for Gree

No you haven’t read the title wrong. Apparently Ubisoft plan to release a new Assassin’s Creed game solely on the Gree platform, and that’s all that’s known about the game right now. If you’re still confused, allow me to explain. As far as I can tell Gree is phone type console-device-thing… Which is not available in Europe […]

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Awesome Proposal

  You guys may remember the review I did at Christmas of iOS games. One of which was Ascension which I highly praised (and still do!) Well with valentines day approaching Gary Games representatives got in contact and asked if we would share a video.

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Dragon Shout iOS App

As Tim made a post earlier today reviewing some games he recently got for the iOS (I’m not sure whether he has an IPhone or and I-Pod Touch) I felt that this would be the ideal moment to finally tell you guys about an iOS app I heard about around a month ago but never […]

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iOS Keeps Me Warm This Christmas

  So it is the Christmas holidays and you may be visiting family/socialising/other meaningless tasks. What do? Well don’t let this stop your ridiculous gaming obsession! I fancy speaking to you about a couple of iOS games I have picked up over this 2011 Christmas holiday and why you should get them too! Now just to warn […]

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Minecraft News and Updates

So there’s a few bits and pieces of Minecraft information that I feel I should share. First off! You can now play Minecraft on any smart-phone you want! As far as I understand anyway. A pocket version of Minecraft has been available on Android for a little while now but now it is available to those of us who don’t […]

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