Seb’s Skyrim Journal, Part 5 – The Thu’um!

I’m going to be honest, until now I have had problems and concerns about the Thu’um, or Dragon Shouts in Skyrim. I mean, I was level 15 and I had two shouts. I had “WULD!”, the first word (of three that are in each shout) of Whirlwind Spirit, and that made me run fast… In a straight line… For half a second… So that wasn’t very impressive.

I also had “FUS RO” the first two words of the famous “FUS RO DAH!” or Unrelenting Force. And while that did knock enemies back, which was useful to buy time with when I had low health, it did basically no damage and was essentially useless.

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Dragon Shout iOS App

As Tim made a post earlier today reviewing some games he recently got for the iOS (I’m not sure whether he has an IPhone or and I-Pod Touch) I felt that this would be the ideal moment to finally tell you guys about an iOS app I heard about around a month ago but never got round to writing about.

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Skyrim Patch 1.2

This week has seen the release of patch 1.2 for Skyrim on XBox 360 and PS3 (earlier this week) and PC yesterday. The patch, like patch 1.1 (which went by unnoticed by me), is comprised of lots of bug fixes. Naturally of course this means that by fixing some bugs some other new ones have taken their place!

Now instead of dead bodies disappearing or having your wedding attended by corpses you might have to deal with dragons flying backwards and defensive buffs not working.

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Skyrim Easter Egg

So it turns out that despite the big court case between Bethesda and Mojang over the name of Notch’s upcoming game (Scrolls) Bethesda may still¬†appreciate Minecraft as a game. After all if you want to go and hide an Easter Egg in your game involving a cheeky reference to a game then that surely shows some¬†professional respect.

Skyrim: Live Action Trailer

Hey, we’ve met before. I’m Seb. I love trailers. I love Live Action trailers especially. And I love Skyrim, even though I haven’t played it yet.

So why are you all surprised that I’m making a news post about a Live Action Trailer for Skyrim? And why am I still talking? Watch it after the jump! RIGHT NOW!

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