Half-Life 3? Not sure if trolling…

So, someone has seen a Valve employee wearing a t-shirt with a Half-Life 3 logo printed on it. Naturally this sparked up the rumour mill and people are now assuming that this means that Half-Life 3 is in development and could be announced at any second!

Because you know… we’re stupid enough to fall for this sort of thing…

Okay I lied… I’m DEFINITELY stupid enough to not only fall for this but I have started throwing my money at my computer screen in the hopes that Valve take it (nothing has happened yet for some reason…).

Well, whether or not Half-Life 3 is in development or close to announcement I have no idea, but this simple image/rumour is enough to bring out the fanboy in me and make me start worrying about how I will be able to quit Uni in order to play the damn thing…

Come on Valve… Please, please, PLEASE don’t be trolling!

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