Fallout Posters

I’d tell you more… but as the Poster says I can’t talk about it. Those communist Ruskies are everywhere!

Okay if you clicked on “read more” or whatever, congratulations! You passed the test! You are a real true-blue American and can be trusted with this nation’s secrets! Anyway the Vaults that Vault-Tec have designed will come with some lovely posters for you to stick about the place to remind yourself that this United States of America will always triumph over communism and there won’t ever be any sort of nuclear holocaust of any kind (the Vaults are just a precaution you understand…).


Yeah, I can’t think of any way to keep that going… Basically there are a bunch of Fallout Posters now available online, completely free, for you to download at your leisure. I’m not sure if any of you have any printers capable of printing poster sized sheets… I don’t… But it’s a nice thought anyway! The site also includes some other Fallout graphics and stuff that might interest some of you!

Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of all the fun times I’ve had in other massive RPGs… made by… Bethesda…

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