Command and Conquer Alliances Rumour

There are rumours now circulating the web that EA have teamed up with Bioware (currently one of my three favourite video games companies in case you cared) to make a new Command and Conquer called: Command and Conquer Alliances.

These rumours, like many rumours on the web aren’t really backed up by much. At the moment it’s just speculation and a pretty cool looking image (at the top of this page). Of course the cool looking image could be from anything… I mean, when I first saw it I thought it looked like a driving game that might actually feature weapons and danger instead of just focusing on “Ooo look at the shiny shiny car”. But I digress…

Really the only reason this rumour is worth posting is that E.A. have just registered a whole bunch of domain names along the lines of “Command&Conquer-Alliances” (Joystiq have ever so kindly supplied a list). Naturally THAT fired up the rumour mill no end.

Anyway, I suppose if you are into C&C or RTSs in general then it might be worth your while to keep your ears pricked and your eyes keen… (Or at least wait until E3 next year when they might announce it). We’ll try to keep a breast of any developments!

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