Dragon Shout iOS App

As Tim made a post earlier today reviewing some games he recently got for the iOS (I’m not sure whether he has an IPhone or and I-Pod Touch) I felt that this would be the ideal moment to finally tell you guys about an iOS app I heard about around a month ago but never got round to writing about.

So here is just a little information on Dragon Shout created by Rick Blalock! Dragon Shout is a completely free App that unfortunately is only available on Apple products at this time (here’s hoping they do Android and Blackberry versions soon). It’s not completely finished yet (they plan to keep updating it until it is), but the idea behind it, while simple, is pretty damn cool.

Basically what you get is a complete map of Skyrim. On this map you can then place a variety of markers for stuff like items, quests, battles, anything really. And that’s about it.

But it’s such a nifty little idea. In a world the size of Skyrim, you may forget things that happened or leave stuff behind if you don’t keep track of it and that’s what this allows you to do!

Travelling through a dungeon and come across some really valuable stuff you could sell, but your bags are full? No problem! Put a marker on Dragon Shout saying “Found items here, should re-visit”. Perhaps you want to remind yourself of the time you first killed a Dragon? You can put a marker on the map saying “This is where I killed my first Dragon… Awwww Yeaaah!”

So it’s not massive, or necessary at all… But it is a nice little app and is definitely worth a look in for all us Skyrim fans.

On that note I’d like to tell you a little story. I pre-ordered Skyrim about a month before release date and it arrived at my house on the 11th of November. Unfortunately I haven’t been home since before then… That means that when I get home from University halls tonight (exams finished yesterday WOO!) I will finally be able to play Skyrim for the FIRST time… It’s gonna be messy…

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