MMGaming’s War on the Wall of Flesh!

A while ago I joined Tim in a game of Terraria on his world. Tim was actually a reasonable way into game and knows a hell of a lot about the game. Whereas I was a noob who had played about 15 minutes of the awesome game in total.

Tim, despite being a boss, was however in need of a bit of help taking down an absolutely massive and difficult boss in the game called The Wall of Flesh. The Wall, once summoned covers the whole up and down distance of the map and you have to constantly move away from it while slowly whittling down it’s massive health store.

I decided to take a video of our adventures and have only just uploaded them to Youtube! I divided it up into 4 parts! I suggest you watch them and enjoy the full awesome combined with ineptitude that is characteristic of MMGaming. Many laughs and good times were had… As were many mistakes and fumbles!

But you can watch us as we prepare ourselves for the fight with the gigantic boss all the way up to actually fighting it. With some messing about thrown in for good measure! Anyway you can find them all on our Youtube channel in a playlist of their own!

Also you can watch all Four episodes here right now!

Episode One

Episode Two

Episode Three

Episode Four

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