Happy Winter-een-Mas from MMGaming!

As defined by Urban Dictionary: Winter-een-Mas is a gamer’s holiday. The Winter-een-Mas season lasts all of January, but the holiday is the last week of January, January 25-31. It emphasizes the companionship of gamers. However, gift-giving is not recommended, as it may ruin the holiday spirit. Small, handmade gifts are quite alright, though.

Celebrate Winter-een-mas by playing videogames with your friends, by wearing interesting gaming clothing/accesories, and especially by writing letters of thanks to those wonderful developers who make the games!

I almost forgot to make a news post about this as I was in the middle of my very own 2012 Winter-een-Mas! For Winter-een-Mas this year I am (alongside playing various games, writing about them and genuinely worshipping the industry) getting back into League of Legends. And I mean properly this time.

I’ve had an on and off affair with LoL for the past year and a half (maybe longer) but now I think is the time for me to knuckle down and actually stick to it. I intend to now, if not become good, become acceptable enough that Tim is no longer ashamed of me…

Anyway, MMGaming wishes you a very Merry Winter-een-Mas and hopes that all your games go well! May your frag count be high and your killstreaks long!


What, if anything, are you guys doing to celebrate Winter-een-Mas this year?

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