Terraria coming soon to a store near you

Merge Games have announced that they are going to be releasing a boxed version of Terraria, so those of you without internet connections can now finally play this wonderful game after it’s release on the 16th of March. Although how you are reading this without an internet connection is a little beyond me…

Coming to stores in the EU for £19.95 (they did it pounds! How lovely!) or round about $31.30/€23.80 it’s a bit pricier than the digital copy which is only £6. The “Collector’s Edition” does include a special in-game item, a poster and a few other little bits and bobs but it still seems like a fair bit more money that could be better spent elsewhere… But then again fanboyism towards games knows no limits in some cases, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it does well!

It’s also apparently uncertain whether or not it will actually be available in America or Asia so I will have to get back to you on that. This actually also seems like a perfect opportunity to say that it is indeed a wonderful game which both me and Tim love and I heartily suggest you both try it out AND watch these videos of me and Tim destroying one of the hardest bosses in the game

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