Game BAFTA’s

The European chain of stores Game is currently running a British Academy Video games Awards, or BAVTA! Well actually it’s called a BAFTA… but the point stands. Anyway, as part of this they have a massive online poll running to choose what is going to be the Game of the Year of 2011. Anyone can vote in this (or at least anyone in the UK) and you can vote right now at the BAFTA page. So a video game of the year chosen by the people!

I’m already looking forward to the outcome!

I’ve already dropped MMGaming’s official vote into this poll. But before I reveal all… I’ll give you the list of the other nominees and why you should/shouldn’t vote for them!

  • Batman: Arkham City – If this game wins the Game of the Year then I won’t be surprised in the slightest. It absolutely deserves pride of place in any gamers collection and easily deserves any prizes you care to throw at it. All the MMGamers loved it and everyone else should love it too! (You can see our review here)
  • Battlefield 3 – While an absolutely excellent shooter Battlefield represents a lack of imagination in the Gaming industry. A big, modern FPS with a colour scale ranging from brown to grey. It’s certainly an excellent shooter, but it lacks what I think makes a truly great game. (You can see our review here)
  • Modern Warfare 3 – See what I said about Battlefield 3… only this is actually technically worse in all respects. However, despite this, it’s massive fanbase might insure it’s victory… That would be a sad day for the industry…
  • FIFA 12 – BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! No… While a fun game to mess about with the lads and actually a surprising step up from previous games (if our review is anyjudge), it is NOT a fantastic game. Good? Yes… But it does not deserve game of the year… (You can see our review here)
  • L.A. Noire – I actually can’t really make an accurate judgement here having never played the game and having heard mixed reviews. Tim has played it a little I understand, but he didn’t exactly rave it about it. Based on what I know L.A. Noire is a good game but once again it’s simply not Game of the Year material
  • Minecraft – Ah… A tough one… Not only does Minecraft fall under the banner of “Indie” games (at least it does in my approximation) it’s so vastly different to the others that it’s tough to decide. I do think though that Minecraft is easily one of the best games of our time and deserves a space in any “Top 10” lists, but while it’s amazing and I think you should play it I, once again would not give it Game of the Year. May Notch slam my face onto my keyboard if I’m wrong-blhefUIui;FWG
  • Portal 2 – Another candidate that absolutely deserves Game of the Year if it wins. Excellent soundtrack, voice-acting, gameplay. A cool story and setting. An amusing multiplayer. This game has it all! It’s absolutely fantastic and is easily one of the best games of last year. (You can see our review here)
  • The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – I won’t even write down fake laughter here. That’s because I want to convey to you just how seriously I want you to NOT vote for this. Yet another game on the already massive pile of Zelda games, thrown down to it’s fans who go after it like dogs after a bone. If it weren’t for the fact that, for a great many, Zelda comes with enough nostalgia to smother a horse I think we would have heard the last of it a long time ago. It, alongside games like Mario and Call of Duty represent what I dislike most in the gaming world: a lack of innovation and imagination…
  • Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception – As far as I am aware this is the one game that no MMGamer played at all last year. Not even Tim. Again, like L.A. Noire, I have heard some mixed things and I think I will simply say: “It might well be a great game, but again it’s not a Game of the Year”.

Now if any of you have already toddled over to the voting website then you will have noticed I am giving out these games in the same order they have on the website. And a few smarties amongst you might have noticed I have missed one out. In fact if you follow MMGaming at all then you will, not only have noticed that I left one out, you will know what I’m going to say next. Yes folks, the last game on the list is indeed:

  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – a massive fantasy, RPG, epic. Dragons, swords, magic, elves, orcs, trolls. This game has everything. For me it easily wins Game of the Year for 2011 (and it did in the MMGAwards). It’s epic story, fantastic graphics and setting, excellent gameplay, amazing balance and customisation. Everything about it comes together in one ocean of pure and unadulterated ecstasy… While some of the games on the list do deserve a Game of the Year award, Skyrim simply outshines them all. It’s a bright sun of pure awesome which fills me with hope and joy. (You can see our review here)

So yes, there you have the list and my rant on each one! So go now! Vote for Skyrim! Dovahkiin, naal ak zin, los vahriin!

5 thoughts on “Game BAFTA’s

  1. There is cake if you vote for portal! It’s so delicious and moist. About Skyrim…well, there should be limits to how shoddy a game can be at launch and such a big studio certainly has no excuses for it.

    1. Sure, If you want the game to be released 2 years after its finished. A game of such magnitude is in fact going on impossible to iron out all the bugs before launch without extreme expense to the company and irritation to the consumer that the game will be released years after expectations.

      There has been a lot of internet snobbery about the issue of bugs in Skyrim, and while they are there, I would happily take a buggy Skyrim that is getting patched fortnightly than Skyrim in 2 years time bug free.

    2. Well of course, the fans will fix it faster than that, no reason to wait. 😛 I’m not saying it should be bug free, but it is certainly not looking as if doing the impossible to iron them out…If, on theory, there was no fan intervention at all and the game would remain as is, can you pure-heartedly say that it would still be of the same value, as a complete product? Portal 2 was just that. Fluid, bug-free, it delivered an exeptional game and professionally shaped and polished product at the same time. For me, that completeness makes it more of a GOTY material than Skyrim. That does not make Skyrim any less great, I just feel that Portal 2 deserves the award more.

      And I don’t snob for the sake of it. I, and probably not just me, snob because it’s simply annoying to see a game so grand, have such simple…oversights. The bugs, the UI etc. I just want to see more attention and focus on Bethesda’s side, because their games deserve it…The whole matter of which shoddy-released game in a row it is, on the side…

      Long live the community and may the best game win! 😛

      On a side note and out of sick curiosity, I wonder how many votes will FIFA get.

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