Mass Effect 3 – Just Cause

With the release date for Mass Effect 3 fast approaching there isn’t really much more to be said about the game other than “Oh-em-fucking-gee! I cannot wait!”

That said, there has been a little bit of an announcement from Bioware regarding the morality system for ME3. This prompted the rather clever title up at the top there. Because, if you are a Paragon Shepard you are following a “Just Cause” and if you are a Renegade Shepard then you do evil shit “just ’cause”.

But there lies the kicker for the “new” morality system in Mass Effect 3. Apparently Shepard can no longer play the evil villain. If you play as Renegade you will still be fighting against the Reapers and will still be fighting to save humanity. The only difference between that and the Paragon choices is that as  Renegade you will be choosing the most cut-throat and vicious options available to you. You will be out for yourself an awful lot of the time and you only care about the end results.

That said, no matter how vicious, cruel or sadistic your methods in the end you will still be fighting against the Reapers.

Why this was worthy of a news article though, I’m not quite sure. You see, I genuinely thought that this was how it worked in Mass Effect 2 as well. Even if you were a heartless bastard with a side-helping of dickhead you still fought against the Collectors and the Reapers.

The only truly new thing that will be introduced in Mass Effect 3 will be the introduction of “General Reputation”. This will be earned from quests and results that don’t give Paragon or Renegade points AS well as those that do. As far as I understand it will be similar to a Fame level. So I imagine with higher levels of General Reputation more people know about you, your mission and what you’re up to. And this might in turn effect the outcomes of encounters and negotiations.

For example: “Oh look this Shepard guy is apparently famous for saving us all twice and is trying to save us again! Let’s give him free shiz!”

Although why they aren’t aware of you after having saved all their asses twice already is BEYOND me… Ungrateful bastards…


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