People Of The Internet – What you playin’?




You may remember we used to run a weekly post on what us MMGaming writers were playing, and we asked you what you were playing. Well it’s back and reformed! We new use the website Backloggery to keep up to date on our games that we are playing at the moment and ones that we still have to complete. I personally use it in an attempt to log every game I’v ever played, whereas Nick uses it to keep more informed on his day-to-day gaming habits. Anyway, I encourage you all to check out our individual links down below and to still comment on what you are playing/will be playing this coming week. It interests us!

Tim –

Seb –

Nick –

2 thoughts on “People Of The Internet – What you playin’?

  1. Also will add that mine is far from complete as well, since my Steam account registers over 400 games now on it… and I don’t have time to input all of those on there.

    But I do keep it current with what I’m playing at teh moment and most of the games that I’ve tried and decided against playing. As you can see if you go there… I tend to be playing many MANY things at the same time.

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