Medal of Battlefield: Modern Warfighter trailer

*Insert clever but rather jaded jokes about similarity of all first person shooter war games here*

That said, the trailer for Medal of Honour: Warfighter does look pretty damn cool. It’s all dark and shadowy and suggests to me a game that will not only have it’s massive shooting and explosive sections but also tactical and sneaky sections. Sounds pretty good if you ask me.

Apparently you will play as a man known as “Preacher” in a special forces team called Tier 9 fighting a global terrorist threat. The multiplayer also will allow you to choose which nationality special forces you will play as: SAS, Austrailian SASR, Navy Seals, German KSK. But other than that it seems to be conforming to most modern-FPS standards.

I think I’m going to try and remain neutral about this game, despite the awesomeness of the trailer. If I actually play it then, and only then, will I make any form of opinion on it (as it should be). Enjoy the trailer:

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