Doom 4 Leaked Art and Rumours

Once again it seems that there were recently rumours that ID Software had cancelled Doom 4. This was coupled with the leaking of, I understand hundreds, of concept art, pictures and graphics all supposedly of Doom 4. Now you might have already heard about either one of these (the leak or the rumours) and wonder why we haven’t covered it yet. Well the reason is quite simple, I just wanted to make sure that I didn’t waste my own time (and yours) with MORE speculation.

And I was in the right, on both counts bizarrely. Doesn’t happen often.

You see, not only did ID Software, once again, say that Doom 4 HADN’T been cancelled (people really ought to have more faith in those guys) but also that the concept art wasn’t actually representative of Doom 4.

There wasn’t any definite “no the pictures are not from Doom 4” but it was pretty conclusive that the images and pictures released are not going to be included in Doom 4. So that said, I am not going to bother posting any of the images here!

One last thing actually: design director, Matthew Hooper, actually did tweet saying that it was not what Doom 4 was going to look like and that when they did start revealing pictures and trailers it was going to be, in his own words, “awesome”.

Bring it on…

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